A time & attendance platform
built for staffing agencies

Your facial recognition and voice-activated time clocks

The Best Solution for Staffing Agencies

The Trifecta: Time Clock, Cloud Software & Mobile App

uAttend Staffing is a cloud-based time and attendance system that combines cutting-edge time clocks with easy-to-use cloud software and mobile app.

Built specifically for staffing agencies

uAttend Staffing provides an easy way to track your employees’ time and attendance seamlessly across multiple client accounts.

Meet your client’s needs with versatile time clocks and powerful cloud software.

Take on as many employees and clients as you’d like with unlimited support
and data storage.

Manage easier by seamlessly assigning your employees and time clocks between clients.

Your business deserves a better solution!

uAttend Staffing has everything you need to track time and attendance for your employees and clients.

Time Clocks with Today’s Top Tier Technology

All time clocks integrate with easy-to-use cloud software to give you the most streamlined time and attendance system for staffing agencies.

Punch from Your Palm with uAttend Staffing’s FREE Mobile App

Manage all your employees whether they’re in the office, working from home, or traveling between sites. uAttend Staffing gives you that flexibility with its free mobile app:

Support field and remote workers with mobile app and web punching.

Restrict punching to a specific site radius with geolocation settings.

View all punch data in real-time from your cloud account.

Level up your time & attendance game today!

uAttend Staffing has everything you need to track time and attendance for your employees and clients.

The Most Elite Time and Attendance
Cloud Software

The Master Console
The Master Console gives staffing agencies the highest level of access in uAttend Staffing’s time and attendance cloud software. From here, you can see all your employee and client information from one dashboard.

The Client Portal

From the Master Console, you can setup and assign individual portals for each of your clients. This gives you the ability to share real-time data with your clients privately.

The Employee Portal

You can also assign individual portals to your employees from your Master Console cloud account. This gives your employees full transparency into their client assignments.

Always Easy & Straightforward Pricing

uAttend Staffing offers transparent pricing by employee size. Each uAttend Staffing time clock requires a monthly cloud subscription and supports an unlimited number of time clocks at no additional cost. Pay month to month. No contracts, ever.
$0.00 / month
0-100 Employees

$149.00 / month

Plus tax where applicable.
$0.00 / month
2001+ Employees

$149.00 / month

  • Plus 65¢ for each additional employee from 101-2000
  • Plus 50¢ for each additional employee over 2000
Plus tax where applicable.
All uAttend Staffing accounts include:
uAttend Staffing is a Workwell product.