GB1000 Touch Screen Tablet Time Clock


Large 7″ touch screen time clock makes employee punching EASIER:

  • Assign employees your choice of fingerprint, RFID card, and PIN punches
  • Capture start time, rest time, meal time, and finish time punches instantly
  • Make department transfers
  • Employees punch with fingerprints using high quality sensor
  • Take employee ID photos using built-in camera
  • Store data on clock offline and forward to cloud when back online
  • Display your company logo on the touch screen
  • Connect to cloud using WiFi or LAN


Powerful technology packed into sleek design. No other staffing time and attendance system comes close.



The uAttend Staffing Master Console-Cloud Connected Access 24-7

Manage your enterprise. EASILY

> Initiate and access individual client accounts.
> Access Master Console from any Internet connected device 24/7
> Add unlimited number of staffing clients, employees, and departments
> Assign access levels to Master Console based on employee roles
> Track every clock at every location, and move clocks from client to client easily

Determine the details. SIMPLY

> Add unlimited employee profiles once and assign to different clients without repeating input
> Register employee fingerprints once and apply to any clock at any location
> Track hours of any employee working at multiple locations in the same day
> Transfer employees among departments with ease

uAttendStaffing Master Console

Set the rules. UNIVERSALLY

> Prevent employees punching in early or late to earn overtime pay
> Set punch hours for automatic lunch deductions and mandatory employee breaks
> Track employee vacation, personal, and sick time accruals on clock and in cloud
> Select weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly pay period options for all employees

Run data reports. DAILY

> Run reports on payroll and export them instantly
> Run reports on clients, employees, and departments
> Run reports with real time data from every time clock in every location
> Run reports on punch method, punch type, and missing punches

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in

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